Hot & cool beauty device



Ice Sense Effect :

1.Help skin firmness, maintain flexibility, prevent allergies and other problems;
2. Shrink pores, lock moisture and reduce winkles; 
3. Can soothe muscles, relieve skin fatigue, smooth the skin sense of tension, reduce skin redness, pain, resistance to repeated growth of acne.


Warm Sense effect : 

1. Warming, makes people feel warm and, helps to relax muscles,relieve pain, 
2. Stimulate the blood circulation acceleration, so the pores open, can help the skin to quickly import all kinds of skin care products absorb double skin, make the skin more elastic and moist. 
3. Putting a sponge to deep cleansing, better able to expor the face toxins, blackheads dirt.


LED Photon Beauty Principle : 

1. Red light: Wave length 620nm(±10nm)18 LEDs deeply reaches into the 630nm skin to promote blood circulation and the collagen regeneration enhance the skin elasticity, to make the skin to be smooth and moisture . Be suitable for the slack & wrinkly skin 
2. Blue light: Wave length 470nm(±10nm) 18 LEDs deeply reaches into the 480nm skin, to kill the bacteria,promote the blood circulation, can penetrate into 0.25mm under the cortex, destroy the bacteria living environment, anti- inflammatory, bactericidal, remove acne, acne scars and so on effectively

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