Bluetooth eye massager



Product advantage:
*1: Bluetooth connection, choose your favorite music anytime, anywhere.
*2: Smart HD LED display, 30 seconds automatically off the lights, even if the use at night will not affect others.
*3: High and low temperature adjustable, hot compress experience upgrade!
*4: The graphene heating module has strong thermal conductivity and electrical
conductivity. After the eye massager is energized, it can rapidly heat up in 1-2 seconds, and can release 6-14μm far-infrared light waves suitable for the human
*5: One key control, the default time is 15 minutes, 5 massage modes, to meet your massage needs.
*6: 180 degree folding design, comfortable adjustable band, suitable for different face shape and head circumference. select high-grade protein skin eye mask to better care your eye skin.
*7: Upgrade twin-engine power drive high-frequency vibration, about 60-80 times
per second different vibration frequency, relieve eye pressure, easy to enjoy the fun of massage.
*8:The two types of air pressure are used alternately, imitating the massage technique of the masseur, to give deep massage to the eyes.
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