New electric massage gun



What Descreption of Our Massage gun ? 

Support custom OEM, please contact us!

The configuration is customized according to customer requirements:
1: The number of massage heads we have: 6pcs or 4pcs;
2: Different battery life: 6H, 4H, etc., can be customized
3: Customizable packaging: storage of suitcases, carton packaging, aluminum packaging, etc.
Multi-Functional Design: upgraded version of high-definition LCD screen, touch buttons, accurate display frequency, power and switch. Nano silicone non-slip handle, anti-sweat, non-slip, for comfortable use.
20-Speed Adjustable Massage Speed: high-quality massage gun provides 20 adjustable speeds to meet your various muscle relaxation needs. Whether it's daily relaxation or a professional who needs a deep massage, you can find the right amplitude.
Efficient Cooling Air Duct System: The impact type massage gun adopts multiple ventilation slot cooling system to effectively dissipate the air duct, reduce the heat during the use of the machine, improve the power performance and extend the life cycle of the motor.
6 massage heads: Percussion massage guns provide 6 custom massage heads to more accurately locate different body parts and muscle groups, providing a relaxing massage experience and reducing bone damage, ideal for massaging muscles, waist, back, buttocks, thighs , calves and other large muscle groups. It also comes with a portable suitcase and a charger.
Super Quiet and Portable: Due to aerodynamic noise reduction sales and a variety of acoustic materials that absorb vibration, noise can be greatly reduced, while professional deep tissue massagers increase their power. Therefore, you can use it at home, at the gym, and at any time without disturbing others.
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