EMS slimming instrument



Technical Features:
1. Ultrasonic:
Can deep lead-in skin, using the high frequency vibrating,combine with Chemical and heating effect, to reduce fat.
2. EMS: 
Can imitate real people to make tapping,massage,knead,scrapping,slimming Using micro-current massage, to make muscle exercise,and consume surrounding fat, sugars and carbohydrates. consume up to 3000-4000 joule per second, so that make your body sliming quickly and effectively.
3. Far infrared:
The silver collar around the massage probe has been engineered with carbon fibre elements to emit infrared rays with a spectrum of 12μm, which can deep into skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism.
Main Function:
1. Improve blood circulation,
2. Skin rejuvenation,
3. Skin tightening,
4. Lose weight.
Use time: 1-2 times per days, 10-15 minutes per time.
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