Eye massager



1.[Multi-Function Eye Massager]
Air pressure, vibration massage, heat compression and relaxation music, there are 5 modes, you can choose the mode according to your specific requirements, relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headache. Relax and help you sleep better.
2.[Air and heat compression and vibration massage]
Gentle heating about 42 ° C, massage the eyeballs and all points around the eyes and temples to improve blood circulation and relax nerves. Air compression helps relieve eye strain, pain, and pressure around your eyes, while soft vibrations protect your eye muscles from injury. Perfect for relaxing eye massage gifts to help stimulate blood circulation.
3.[Enjoy the natural soothing melody]
Built-in speakers and pre-recorded natural sounds make you more relaxed. When the 15 minute time is over, it will automatically close. The REAK Eye Massager is an ultra-soft, eco-friendly plastic cover with a skin care material to minimize the skin on your face.
4.[Wireless and adjustable, 180° fold]
With 1350 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging for maximum portability. With just one charge, it can be used continuously for 90 minutes, and you can experience it without interruption. The headband tightness can be adjusted to fit the head of most people.
5.[Give you the best gift]
Read the screen every day or sleep hard, let your eyes rest, improve the blood circulation of the eye muscles, reduce dark circles and sleep, just 15 minutes a day to wear it. . It is suitable for home, office and travel, and at the same time it is the best choice for a gift.

How to use:
1. Press the ON / OFF button for three seconds. Then the massager will start in automatic mode;
2. Press the ON / OFF button to change the massage mode;
3. Press the ON / OFF button for three seconds to turn it off.

There are five modes for eye massage to choose from:
Automatic mode: intelligent pressure + hot pressure + vibration massage + music therapy
Vitality mode: intelligent pressure + vibration massage + music therapy
Clear mode: hot pressing + music therapy
Vibration mode: vibrating massage + music therapy
Sleep mode: smart pressure


Product name

Eye Massager




1350mAh lithium-ion battery

Massage method

pressure, vibration, heat

Rated voltage


Rated power


Massage time

15 minutes by default

Charging time 

60-90 minutes


One year

1. Make sure there are no contact lenses before use.
2. Do not use an eye massager when you have eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, and retinal detachment.

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