LED facial mask



LED mask is a kind of natural beauty equipment. It is a beauty product that combines high-tech optical technology with Chinese medicine massage. This product makes full use of LED to emit far-infrared specific wavelength light effect and stone needle micro-circulation function and precise positioning for facial massage.
Stone needle acupressure massage: Improve microcirculation and relieve facial aging.
For people
Suitable for any skin type population
1) RF function to eliminate wrinkles
2) Photon blue wave / red wave
3) Vibration massager
Red light: 620~750nm, improve wrinkles and increase elasticity.
Blu-ray: 470~495nm, shrinks pores and soothes skin.
Huang Guang: 590~620nm, skin penetration 3-5MM
Continuous action on the surface of the skin
Change the color of the light by touch or line control.
Treatment of acne, red blood, skin regeneration, firming the skin, removing wrinkles, removing pigments, etc.
Product specifications:
material: plastic
Light color: red and blue and yellow
Size: 21 * 16 * 22cm
How to use:
1. After cleaning your face and wiping off the remaining water, simply apply the mask to your face and adjust it to the proper position.
2. Lock your device to your phone or tablet.
3. Red light and blue light work alternately.
Note: If you find that the remote control button is not responding, reconnect your phone or check if the USB cable is connected.
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