Body Hydrogen Water Therapy Spa Equipments for Health Care

Hydrogen rich water SPA machine, improve sub health



The Discovery of Active Hydrogen 

What is the mystery of this "return to life" ? Lourdes holy water really have the magic role as what as people say? Religious and scientific circles have Investigated and researched Lourdes Holy spring.repeatedly

They discovered in Kyushu University that the healing properties of water comes from the concentration of the Active Hydrogen in water.

In fact, holy water is not magical, holy water is able to cure, because the water contains a lot of hydrogen, patients bath in hydrogen water for long-term , the disease will be alleviated or even eliminated. This is the secret of holy water.


Effects of Hydrogen Generator

90% of our human diseases is caused from excessive active-oxygen within the human body. If Plenty of active oxygen is not reduced within the human body, it will cause inflammations or activating aging within the human body. Accordingly, it is a good way to eat anti-oxidant foods like vitamin C in order to remove this. However, this will have many side effects and are too expensive together with high financial burdens.

Packaging DetailsGiftbox: 41*29*15.5 cm ( Aluminium case ) 
Exportbox: 65*43*33.5 cm ( Kraft Carton ) 
N.W/G.W.: 5.5 KG/6.0KG 
20' Container: 1200 setsDelivery TimeIn 3 days for sample

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